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Two Powerful Books That Will Change Your Life


HH News Staff present a couple powerful reads.

There are two books we recommend you check out as we feel they have the potential to change your life in a massive way.

Inner Transformation

The first is ‘Seven Steps to Inner Power – How to Break Through to Awesome’ by Tae Yin Kim, Great Grandmaster. A hugely powerful book, it is full of her life secrets to transforming oneself completely. She herself had to break through many obstacles and did so with determination and grace.

Among other topics she speaks of are the power of right thinking and the tools of the warrior. She details the seven power principles that have the potential to create untold change in one’s life. She also speaks of movement and meditation.

What is shared is a massive treasure for all of us.

Mastering Change

The second book we’d like to share with you is ‘Conquer Change and Win’ by Ralph Masengill Jr.

It’s about a subject we are all familiar with and that is change. He writes about change on all levels and its impact on both one’s personal and business life.

Among the topics he covers are our resistance to change, our attitude, positive and negative change, decision making and problem solving during change, and how to apply this information to one’s business life.

Ralph is considered one of the original change agents in the U.S. and was teaching before the quality movement came along. His mission is to contribute to all of us having more peaceful, joyful, and happy lives.

From us to you, we feel both of these books are a must-read. Enjoy with our wishes for your continued success!

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