‘Weed’ing Through the Info


Breaking Down the Bud

With Marijuana only being legal in 11 out 50 states in the United States, and allowed to be used medicinally in over half of the states, the age old debate continues: is Marijuana beneficial for us to consume/smoke, or do the negative side effects outweigh the benefits? In the 60’s, pot smokers were considered hippies and smoking was frowned upon for decades. However, over the course of its time, Marijuana has been studied and applied to various scenarios and treatment methodologies. With all of this information, understandably, it can be overwhelming and those that seek to find a concrete answer may struggle to find if weed is inherently bad or good. In lieu of more and more states legalizing the recreational usage of marijuana, there is less of a stigma surrounding the drug. There are two psychoactive components that make up marijuana: THC, “Tetrahydrocannabinol”, the part that is responsible for that ‘high’ feeling; as well as, CBD, “Cannabidiol”, which has been exploding in recent years for its medicinal benefits. For a more in depth breakdown of CBD check out this article here. It seems as if CBD products are everywhere; it is so mainstream now that even large retailers such as Abercrombie now sell various CBD creams.

Do you Mari‘wanna’, or do you not?

Even if a group of people are smoking the same strain, it may have different effects on each person. With all the various strains out there, and different concentrations of CBD and THC in each strain, you will have to find what works best for you. Start out slow and small, and see what your body likes and what it doesn’t. On the contrary though, I have personally heard so many great stories on how Marijuana has helped someone out medically. One of my friend’s dad had a severe shoulder accident and he became dependent on pain medication. In an effort to wean himself off of prescription pain pills, he experimented with using CBD. The result was alleviated shoulder pain and he was able to function normally. My other friend has a mom who would get awful seizures. After trying out different medications and treatments, each seizure was starting to get more volatile putting her life at risk. Finally, she tried smoking medicinal marijuana with a higher CBD content to calm her nervous system; she has not had a seizure since, and is able to take full advantage of her life again.

Is Marijuana/Pot Bad For You?

A common myth about cannabis use is that by having it in your system, you are automatically “stoned” or “high.” This stigma drives many people away from using medical marijuana. However, this is not necessarily true; this only happens when you use too much medication. According to the U.S. Pain Foundation, people living with pain get pain relief, while people using it socially and not in pain, get high. Various strains of cannabis have different ratios of THC and CBD, which means that not all strains create as much of a “high” feeling. Marijuana can also be very beneficial for people with short-term depression. According to a new study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, marijuana inhalation is associated with short-term reductions in depressive feelings. Their results “indicate that THC in particular is positively correlated with an immediate reduction in the intensity of depressive feelings.” Marijuana also alleviates anxiety, speeds muscle recovery, and may be an effective treatment for some forms of cancer.

Hemp Field Art

The Latest News on CBD

Describing themselves as the “Hemp CBD Pioneers”, Charlotte’s Web, is a company that is trying to lead the movement in replacing conventional medicine (i.e. prescription pills) with more natural products, such as CBD. They offer so many great interviews such as “ Why hemp-derived CBD is going to be the next big household product- as common as Aspirin” and “Covid-19 and CBD- The pandemic’s impact today and a look into the future”. Currently, they are working on a large art installation in Kansas that Jared Stanley, Chief Cultivation Officer and a co-founder of Charlotte’s Web, described as A farmer’s field is a place to cultivate life-changing ideas and grow a voice for those still seeking hemp-based wellness. Through this powerful artwork, we experience a coalition between earth and humanity, and our journey to create sustainable, natural wellness. In the case of hemp, revolutionary wellness. Our purpose is to ignite conversations that open access to hemp in all states that have yet to provide this choice.”

This information is not intended to treat or diagnose illness; please defer to the advice of your physician

By: Natalie VanTilborg & Kamil Szymonik


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