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Amazing Mushrooms- Make them Part of your Beauty Regime!



When I interviewed my gal pal and master aesthetician Cheryl Bryant Rushing of I learned she was ahead of the trends.  She was already using the efficacious beauty benefits of mushrooms in her exquisite skin-care line.
See  Here is more evidence that we wish to share with you, our Holistic Healing News readers so you too are in the know.  Thanks for visiting our site!  Trina Becksted, Publisher.
Mushrooms have always been a mainstay in our kitchens, but what about your beauty cabinet? Already a growing multi-billion dollar global market, medicinal mushrooms are projected to see double-digit growth through 2024 as they continue to branch into the wellness market. Mushrooms have been used by healers for thousands of years to detox and treat infections. They are now being touted for their anti-aging, hydrating, and plumping properties by skincare enthusiasts everywhere.
And not without reason!
Not only are mushrooms known to be a rich source of skin-friendly B vitamins, but they’re also known to be a topical anti-inflammatory, rich in dark-spot-lightening kojic acid, and researched for their powerful free-radical fighting properties. Popular skincare products ranging from niacinamide to our beloved acid exfoliants could potentially be produced from a mushroom base, as opposed to harsh chemicals. In a world where we are all becoming more conscious of what we put in and on our bodies, naturally derived plant-based beauty products have been leading beauty market growth and projected to grow an additional 9% by 2025.
As the growth of medicinal mushrooms continues to soar on a global level, thought-leading innovators of For The Biome and Om Mushrooms have partnered to develop ground-breaking fungi focused skincare line. Their blend of five skin healthy mushrooms, including Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Maitake and King Trumpet, have all been studied individually for their healing properties. Breakthrough research has proven this unique combination effective at a cellular level to protect skin from damage.
The purpose of the partnership was to formulate a profoundly functional skincare product that works synergistically with your skin and contains the highest quality medicinal mushrooms on the market. In a world of counterfeits where 75% of Reishi mushroom products didn’t actually contain Reishi mushroom, Om Mushrooms and For The Biome remain committed to the integrity and efficacy of their products. For the Biome brings 40 years of experience in artisanal fermentation to dramatically enhance myco-nutrient bioavailability.
Embrace the new wave of functional beauty and let food be thy medicine, and mushrooms be thy skincare.
In the 1990s, Schulick introduced functional mushrooms in his formulations at New Chapter and launched Reishi 5 fungi-medicinals, which boosted early consumer interest in mushroom health applications. Today, he aspires “to make the best skincare and beauty products in the world harnessing timeless mushroom wisdom while supporting the global biome.”
“Our dual-stage fermentation process is on the cutting edge of skin care formulations,” says Schulick. “It not only generates valuable nutrient-rich compounds but supercharges existing compounds to deliver mushroom topicals with unrivaled bioavailability and effectiveness. Applying fermented mushrooms directly to skin tissue provides incredible benefits—including the unmatched ability to improve appearance by countering hyperpigmentation, enhance the immune system, and protect against premature skin aging and wrinkle formation, as well as blue light radiation.
”For The Biome has begun to confirm in their own research that their formulations incorporating Om’s mushrooms show potential benefits for cellular antioxidant protection, reduced free radical production by inflammatory cells, and support of mitochondrial membrane potential. “Not only do these products help create a natural barrier to block environmental stress, we expect that they will acknowledge the body’s connection to the mind and help regulate internal stress,” says Schulick.
“I’m delighted to collaborate with Paul Schulick,” says Sandra Carter, MA, MPH, Ph.D., co-founder of Om Mushroom Superfood. “Supplying our organic mushrooms to For The Biome for their unique topical formulas will expand our mission of health with this superfood kingdom. Along with my co-founder, Steve Farrar, a mycologist with 30+ years’ experience, I encourage you to try the benefits of Om Mushrooms and enjoy a new level of vibrancy and wellness.”
This Summer 2019, For The Biome will release their flagship products, Adapt Essence Spray™ and Invigorate Powder Mask™, featuring a blend of reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, maitake, and king trumpet mushrooms sourced from Om Mushroom Superfood.
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