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Natural Lymphatic Detox


By Maddie Santiago


Stress and busy schedules can wreak havoc on our immune system. The holiday season can definitely add to this. Throughout the season we have a habit of not taking good care of ourselves mainly due to all the parties, food, and drinks. After all that, around January and February, we tend to be exhausted and have a weakened immune system.

On any given day, 500 million cells in your body die. This buildup of cellular waste, called auto intoxification, can clog the lymphatic system and cause it to not work efficiently. Your own body is causing itself to be toxic! This toxicity is the main cause of many or our health issues. Not only can we get sick more easily, but it canlead to fatigue as well as congestion in both the body and brain.


Diagram of Lymphatic system on male body

The lymphatic system is a system of tissues and nodes throughout your body. The lymph nodes are located deep within the body around the heart and lungs, but they are also located closer to the surface of your skin primarily in clusters along your neck, under arm, and groin areas. When you are sick, you’ve probably noticed that these almond-sized lymph nodes under your chin and along your neck will be swollen.




Luckily there are easy habits that can rid the body of toxins by providing circulation and activating our lymphatic system. One way to take care of ourselves is to get a lymphatic massage that awakens and detoxes your lymphatic system. Many spas offer different types of lymphatic massage to dramatically improve your specific health concerns. Like most massages, lymphatic drainage massages are extremely relaxing procedures that can de-stress your body and mind. It can improve your immunity and leave you feeling more alert and in tune with your body. This way of taking good care of the lymphatic system leaves people feeling rejuvenated. Doing a lymphatic tune up during the holidays can strengthen the system. This can undo some of the damage being done and prepare your body to better fight off viruses and bacteria.

If going to a spa is not feasible, there are other says to turn-up for lymphatic system on your own. You can also do an at-home form of lymphatic system detoxification massage by giving yourself massages on your neck area. This will increase circulation on your lymph nodes, and whole lymphatic system, therefore helping the system rid its self of dead cells that clog and create harmful toxins in the body. There are also other simple practices that you can do on you own at home. Simply adding more alkaline fruits and vegetables to your diet and exercising to improve your lymphatic system. While diet and exercise seem to be a no-brainer to become healthier, he also endorses doing a series of deep breathing exercises. It is easy to perform a simple exercise such as two deep breaths, two regular, two to three deep breaths, two regular and finally two to three deep breaths. This activity can easily rejuvenate your body by moving oxygen and nutrients through your system and it can help rid the body of dead cells.

Massages, deep breathing, and healthy diet and exercise can help detox the lymphatic system by helping rid the system of clogged dead cells. It is important to rid your body of these dead cells since they clog our lymphatic system causing it to weaken. By taking better care of your lymphatic system, it can work more efficiently on cleaning your body, fighting off sickness and disease. You will also feel rejuvenated, de-stressed and more focused. Try these simple practices today to enhance your health by naturally detoxifying your body and mind!



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