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New Year, New Tool For Becoming a Better You with Hypnotherapy


By Jackie Marshall ChT

This is the time of year when all of us reflect on the previous year and vow to do things differently. Somehow the start of a new year incites this desire for change. There is a feeling of hope and anticipation that the new year will bring us the perfect body, the soulmate we have been dreaming of, the dream job or a healthier lifestyle.

While it is beneficial to embrace hope and desire change, these feelings often leave us defeated several months later when our aspirations fail to come to fruition. What happened?

Recently, I read about the surge of gym memberships that occur at the beginning of each new year. As a matter of fact, most gyms eagerly anticipate this increase in membership. These fitness facilities are also aware that most new members fail to attend the gym after the first month. It doesn’t make much sense that people would purchase a membership and have no intention of actually using it, so what is going on? Are we destined to fail?

The answer lies in the subconscious mind. From a young age, our minds have been programmed by our experiences. Much of this programming occurred at an age when we were unable to choose what we wanted to accept as fact. As such, our subconscious contains many erroneous messages and beliefs based upon the perceptions of a child. We may find ourselves doing things based upon these misperceptions.

Consider the mind like a computer that is programmed based predominately on our early experiences. Unconsciously we seek out situations that reinforce the program, strengthening it over time and making it our predominant mode of behavior. Have you ever wondered why you make a decision and fall back into old behaviors? It is because there is an unconscious belief that opposes your desire to change.

We are complex beings. As such, one size does not fit every individual. Each of us has a different set of experiences and beliefs that direct our actions. When you can use the power of your mind and change your subconscious programming, you will propel yourself forward in the direction of your dreams. This does not happen without effort, but keep in mind it has taken years to establish your present behavior. Using hypnosis and the power of your mind, you can change the undesirable behavior in a relatively short period of time.

Hypnosis, if one is to define it, is a heightened state of focus and concentration along with deep physical relaxation. This natural state enables a person to bypass the conscious/thinking mind at which time the subconscious mind is accessible and open to receiving new suggestions based upon the individual’s goals. Once a suggestion has been accepted by the subconscious, it must be reinforced. A trained hypnotherapist will use various tools to assist a client to reinforce their new subconscious program.

Perhaps, it is time to get off the merry-go-round of resolution and failure and instead choose a different path, one that instead leads to success. This year, choose to take control of your mind and thoughts and change your subconscious programming.

Jackie Marshall, Cht
Certified Hypnotherapist
Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

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