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Rejuvenate and Age Less by Maximizing Your Body’s Cellular Activity


By Dr. James Chappell
The Chappell Health Institute

The 21st Century has brought us beyond the age of simple, vibrational, Star Trek medicine as now evidenced by metaphysical, tuned-messaging “crop circles.” We now know, we are not alone and we truly know what heals the human body. At the Chappell Health Institute, we not only incorporate the science of vibrational, frequency tuning, we weave it with the ancient wisdom of nature and the earth.

Dr. James Chappell, the founder and director of the Chappell Health Institute, states his approach to the human condition is basically Kabalic in nature; “As above, so below.” Within this simple thought is the key to unlocking the secrets of the human experience as internal and external “beings.”
As reported by Dr. Ervin Laszlo in his illuminating book, Science and the Akashic Field, everything and everyone is connected within an invisible, energetic-field that scientists have now named the IN-formation field. The ancients called it the Akashic field. Dr. Chappell calls it the Holographic field of conscious-mind-energy projection.

Herein lies the true nature of optimum health, longevity and our re-discovery to the path of enlightenment; and it all starts with quantum cellular intelligence.

Our Cellular Universe –
The human body consists of approximately 80 to 100 trillion single cells, far more then all the stars we can see in our galaxy the Milky Way. Of this cell population, between 87 and 260 billion cells are degenerating; depending on ones age, health and other factors, with perhaps the same amount regenerating every 24 hours. This is between 1 and 3 million cells per second! As long as we regenerate more than we degenerate, we continue to thrive. If we don’t, we won’t.

The average skin cell lives approximately 14 to 28 days; bone building cells are replaced every 90 days. If we have the proper amino acids, every minute millions of antibodies are synthesized; and every day 200 billion erythrocytes or red blood cells are created.

Every living and dying cell is imprinted with a consciousness and intelligence of the origin and meaning of life. Our body is forever showing us through signs, signals and symptoms what it wants and needs to be in balance, harmony and healthy. We must learn how to read the message from our universal messengers.

Harmonious Messaging –
There is no substance in the body that is constant or stagnant as all substances are in a continuous state of vibrating motion and change. The body was designed to coexist with itself and nature producing thousands of balancing synergistic and antagonistic biochemical and energetic actions and reactions with each passing second.

All of these actions are orchestrated by the symphony of harmonious “music” within a seventy octave range radiating from the universe. Even though most of us can only hear ten octaves, the others exist never-the-less; for the non-realized is just as vital as the realized, perhaps even more.

This non-discernible-audio “music” is the vibratory frequency of localized chemical bonds turning molecular wheels and flipping cellular membrane receptor switches. This allows the rhythmic waving of micro cilia, the propagation of electrons, protons and neutrons, and the flowing of metabolites and ionic current within and among our cells.

Consciousness is Energy –
Within this greater understanding of the subtle functions of the human body, our renounced quantum physic and cellular biologists have re-discovered a quantum-type of IN-formational field communicating throughout the entire body. Simply stated; we are NOT compartments of brain, liver, heart or hormones independent of each other. We are interconnected, vibrating, electro-magnetic energy fields of consciousness in constant communication with ourselves and our universe. We are absolutely holistic by definition.

Some of these energetic fields of consciousness are dense thereby creating our form or physical body. Other fields are “musical” notes harmoniously dancing to the movement within the ocean of light we live in. True healers and physicians work and play within the fabric of energy fields and consciousness. They know what really causes dis-harmony or dis-ease and how to reverse this cause thus bringing what has been called cures. It is truly all about tuning the tuning fork called human. Dr. Chappell states, “We must know who we are in order to be tuned-in; as knowledge is one pre-requisite in the process.”

Energy Found in Darkfield Microscopy –
Darkfield microscopy is one way of discovering our Kabalic nature. By looking inside the body through the matrix of our blood, we can literally see the heretofore unseen. It is one of the most reverent and respectful ways of unveiling the mystery of life. By using only one drop of blood for Darkfield and one drop for Brightfield the Chappell Health Institute unlocks the energetic secrets of you. This test is far beyond a mundane blood analysis.

Zeta Potential –
The first step to achieving healthy life-force energy is configuring harmonic energy fields within the cell “brain” or membrane. If the cellular zeta or electrical potential is not fully actualized within the range of -70 to -90 MHz, subtle energies will be blocked and vibratory chaos will ensue. We don’t die from disease, we die from loss of vibrational life-force energy. When we can no longer create or maintain the “spark” of life, the candle goes out. For this reason and more, Dr. Chappell created a water supplement called Zeta Crystals. Simply mix them in your purified water and enjoy the experience of amplifying your cellular electrical potential. (See Zeta Crystals under ‘Products’ and ‘Articles’ under the “Publicity” tab for more information).

Basic Information On The Chappell Health Institute –
Dr. James Chappell, is a retired board certified chiropractic physician, traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and master formulator with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Since 1971, Dr. Chappell has been an avid health researcher and educator specializing in teaching and incorporating natural healing protocols for those with chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” illnesses. He does NOT treat patients or disease as orthodox medicine and other doctors do. He teaches “students” about natural healing and natural medicine, one-on-one and uses other media, including television, radio, the Internet; phone conferences, Skype, seminars, his books, articles and more to reach others.

Because Dr. Chappell believes, “Where health resides there can be no room for illness”, he does NOT let disease get in the way of the body healing and repairing itself as it will if given the building blocks to do so. His emphasis is on health NOT disease.

In addition to teaching over 11,000 “students” with comprehensive, adverse health conditions, Dr. Chappell spent over ten years as one of the “lot” doctors at Paramount, Universal, MGM and Burbank studios in Hollywood, California seeing actors, producers and directors for prevention protocols. He understands how to achieve optimum health and how to avoid dis-ease.

Cancer Schmancer –
If you have what is called “cancer”, you can “treat” it using drugs, surgery, radiation or even natural herbs; however, “treating” the effects of an underlining cause will never find the cure. Cures are ALWAYS found in the cause NOT the effects. The key to optimum health and longevity is accurate IN-formation; education and taking effective action.

The HONSTEC Syndrome –
One educational factor is understanding the tenants of The HONSTEC Syndrome discovered by Dr. Chappell in 1975. The HONSTEC Syndrome is an acronym for seven common denominators found in all illnesses; anyone of whom may contribute to the cause of dis-ease. Click Here to read the Full Article.

Mission Statement –
To teach the nature, origin and health benefits of energetic, vibrational medicine, wherein the knowledge and effective application of healing frequencies and harmonics are the ways and means to achieve optimum health and longevity; thus leading to a greater understanding of the oneness of life and our part in it.

Goal –
The Chappell Health Institute is dedicated to teaching others the natural, scientific and functional approach of energetic and vibrational medicine for the purpose of achieving harmonious and revitalizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Purpose –
To offer unique and highly specialized protocols to help reconfigure chaotic vibrational fields; improve cellular function and memory; and activate the pineal and other glands for a higher level of health, awareness and consciousness.

Uniqueness of Service –
Although we currently have offices in Ojai, California, most people seeking our services consult with Dr. Chappell over the phone. They live throughout the United States with some living internationally. If they need additional healthcare, we will contact providers in their location and arrange their services to align with ours. From acupuncturists, chiropractic, allopathic, osteopathic physicians, chelation practitioners, dentists, colon and massage therapists, Energy healers to physio or physical therapists, whatever a “student” needs, we will attempt to acquire. At our office, we offer a list of services including Darkfield microscopy. We also incorporate the expertise of other healthcare providers in our area. Simply, we are a portal of IN-formation.

Most unique and literally unheard of, we will come to your hometown and provide Darkfield testing, personal, one-on-one consultations with Dr. Chappell and conduct advanced health seminars. Our outreach program will go wherever there is a need throughout the United States.

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