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Spring Cleaning for the Body-Learn Ways to Detox the Body and the Mind!


By: Erin Laughlin


Spring is the time of year where everyone cleans out their closets and reorganizes their lives. The time to put away that warm and cozy sweater and start breaking out the shorts and light weight jackets. While reorganizing, and cleansing your closet can be a peaceful and tranquil time, sometimes life throws obstacles at you that your body isn’t ready for. Life is stressful and stress can lead to poor eating choices as well as a poor sleeping schedule. These can easily leave you feeling lethargic and fatigued. Since it’s spring, don’t let your closet be the only thing you cleanse.


Not only is spring the perfect time to clean out your closet, it is also the perfect time to cleans out your body! Spring is the perfect time to detox. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, seasonal changes can affect and influence your physical health. By eating certain foods during certain times of the year, you can thrive within the environment. As the seasons move from winter to spring, it offers up the ideal opportunity to clear toxins from the body. Cleansing in spring gives our body the chance to reset its natural detoxification process. Doing this will give you more energy and vitality. Depending on your personal health goals, this process can range from three days to a month, sometimes even longer! While detoxing try to focus on unprocessed foods, supplements, herbs, and exercise regularly. This will increase your energy, digestive tract, immunity, moods, metabolism, and you will get a better night’s rest.


To make sure your detox is the most successful, staying on an anti-inflammatory diet is key. Make sure to eat fresh, organic, and unprocessed green vegetables. Try to minimize your intake of animal protein, especially dairy products. If you are going to eat meat, make sure it is organic and hormone free. Another ingredient to an anti-inflammatory diet is to drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Root vegetables such as, avocado, cucumber, lemons and seaweeds are all example of alkalizing food, which is another essential ingredient to this detox. Adding fiber to your diet is also very important because it helps flush the toxins from the tract. Stay away from foods that stress the body such as, alcohol, sugar, processed food, oils, caffeine, and non-organic foods. These are not essential ingredients to an anti-inflammatory diet and they will mess up your spring detox. Finally, taking supplements can also help cleanse your body of toxins. Most supplements are full of antioxidants and help the body through the detoxification process. Taking the right supplements can help prevent fatigue and headaches.


Detoxing is not only pertinent for the physical ridding of toxins from the body, but it also cleanses the mind. Some of the benefits to greater mental clarity is keeping your emotions balanced and in check, increasing your vital energy as well as your metabolism, strength, stamina and flexibility. Exercising daily can also be used as a detoxification process. Sweating provides and escape route for the toxins in your body. Make sure you relax throughout the day, take time to breathe, rest, and reflect. Spring detoxing is all about moving out of the cold winter season and moving into the warmth, new growth, and energy in the spring. It is a gentle detox focused on all natural and organic foods essential to making the detox more successful. Taking care of your body is very important in life, it is your temple and you only have one body. Don’t just detox because it is trending right now, detox to better your body and your mind and to exile all the toxins within them. To learn more about detoxing click HERE!

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