glass of water with potted plant in background helping people stay hydrated

Staying Hydrated is Important in Optimizing Bodily Functions


Dr. Tricia Pingel

Water plays an important role in mineral absorption and the overall health of the body. Especially during the hot summer months and in stressful situations, people naturally need to drink more water.

To stay hydrated at a minimum, a person needs to drink half their body weight in ounces each day to maintain normal cell function, not including exercise. This ensures that the fat and water membranes surrounding body cells are healthy enough to absorb water and minerals.

If the cell membrane is not correctly hydrated, water and important minerals cannot permeate the cell and are quickly urinated out of the body. That’s why some people constantly go to the bathroom when they drink a lot of water. If they had the proper minerals this will not be the case. When the body’s mineral balance is off, cells are unable to absorb water correctly. This changes the chemistry of the body and can lead to diabetes and osteoporosis and other serious chronic diseases.

Often, water and minerals can be a simple fix to serious medical problems. A combination of vitamins B, Zinc, weekly IVs containing minerals and drinking water can reverse the onset of osteoporosis, diabetes, fatigue, kidney problems, cancer and other medical conditions. In most cases this process can be more effective than pharmaceutical medications that cause side effects.

An elderly patient with low blood platelet count had been taking steroids and other medications prescribed by her doctor for about five years. She had gained weight, felt fatigued and was not seeing any improvement. When she was taken off of her medications and given weekly IV hydration and minerals for about three months, her blood platelet count skyrocketed to a level that she had never reached while taking medication.

Another patient came with complaints about wrinkles. After two days of drinking water, she looked noticeably younger and felt more energized.

Heat exhaustion, a common occurrence during the summer, is easily fixed through adequate hydration. Doctors in hospitals often do not educate those suffering from heat exhaustion on effective hydration. They can overlook the simple need for more H20.

A way to judge hydration is in the elasticity of the veins. If veins bounce back when pressed, the body is sufficiently hydrated. Many people have veins that feel flat, meaning they are dehydrated.

Trace minerals are a great solution to dealing with dehydration and mal absorption. Adding a few drops of trace minerals to all water consumed throughout the day can help replenish the minerals that we need, which are not present in filtered water. These minerals help cells correctly absorb water and other electrolytes.


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