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What’s the Difference Between Allergy Symptoms and COVID-19?


With allergy season in full swing there are no doubt lots of people wondering if they might have COVID-19 or are just suffering from allergies. Dr. Cliff Han, creator of all-natural AllerPops, has broken down the 3 major differences to look for when it comes to allergies versus COVID.


  • The major difference between seasonal allergies and COVID is fever which is commonly associated with Coronavirus, but rarely with allergies.


  • Allergies and infection such as COVID-19 are very different when it comes to the fundamentals of the ailments. Allergies indicate the immune system is hypersensitive and fighting an unnecessary battle against allergens. When people have allergies, we want the immune system to calm down. However, when have infections like COVID, we need the immune system to fight harder.


  • Allergies tend to present the same symptoms year after year;  significant changes should not be ignored and reported to your doctor.
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