ZINC for Prevention of the Coronavirus


Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

We are happy to share with our readers more tips to prevent and address the Coronavirus. Did you know that pathologists who have been studying Corona viruses for decades say that these viruses can be killed by zinc?

At SV Ayurveda, they use zinc bhasmas which are meticulously prepared metallic zinc processed through various calcinations, as depicted in this article, into a nanoparticle. This resultant nanoparticle is an extremely small particle which can enter the cell much easier than its unprocessed large heavy metallic zinc.

KKnown as “Yasad Bhasma” this zinc nanoparticle has been shown to be highly effective in treating the various forms of Corona viruses.

We have two strengths, and are in the process of stockpiling them for the expected epidemic coming our way.

Add 5 drops to a glass of room temperature spring water and stir. For added potency, add 5 drops of Boswellia Nectar Drops. Stir well and either sip on it slowly throughout the day or drink it down immediately.

We use the zinc primarily in adults but may use it in some children who have weak immune systems but in different dosage.

Read the article below which shows all the steps involved in processing the zinc so it is more biologically available and thus more active in your cells.


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