7 Easy and Natural Health Remedies for Your Dog


By Maddie Santiago

Having an arsenal of DIY remedies that are holistic and better for your body, can be an important part of maintaining a natural and healthy lifestyle. But what about our cute four legged friends? What issues are they enduring that could be resolved in a simple and natural way? A great part about treating your dog with natural at-home remedies is that they are comfortable with you and your home. Less dragging the anxiety-stricken dog to the vet, the better. Let’s be honest, a trip to the vet is not what you OR your pup calls a good time. Expenses can quickly add up and it can be a scary time for your pet, especially when it’s time for the thermometer. So, without further ado, here is a roundup of some of our favorite holistic healing remedies for dogs!


Stocking up on some cans of organic pumpkin puree can help with many things for your dogs. If your dog has any symptoms of troubled digestion, constipation, or an upset tummy, a little pureed pumpkin can help. Pumpkin has a high amount of water and fiber which can help correct constipation and get rid of diarrhea. Once my dog suffered from a clogged and swollen anal gland. After about 300 dollars’ worth of medical procedure and medicine, our Veterinarian said a little pumpkin can prevent problems with anal glands. Also a very nutritious snack that most dogs love eating, whether it is mixed into their food, baked into homemade treats, or simply a spoonful.

Itchy skin

If your dog is constantly itching and scratching, try using oatmeal. Oatmeal is known to sooth irritated, dry or eczema ridden skin for humans and works the same way for dogs. Grind the oats in a blender or food processor and add water to create a paste and leave on the effected areas or make your own ground oatmeal doggy shampoo for bath time.


Instead of using chemical ridden products to prevent and rid your pet of fleas, try a more natural approach. Fleas hate citrus smells, so lather your dog up with some lemon or orange juice to prevent fleas and send current fleas away.

Limping or Soreness

Just like with humans a salt soak is good for sore muscles. Add a ½ cup of Epsom salt to a warm bath and let your dog soak for at least five minutes, twice daily for best results. If your dog, much like mine, fights you about bath time, then soak a washcloth in warm water and Epsom salt and apply it to the affected area.

Cracked Paw Pads

Sometimes paw pads and noses can get particularly dry and even start to crack. An easy remedy is to apply some coconut oil or vitamin E oil. Coconut oil is nutritious for dogs and most dogs love the taste. It’s okay to give as a treat, but make sure your dog doesn’t continue to lick their cracked paws to get at the coconut oil. Luckily it soaks in fast, so dogs are usually more interested in the jar of coconut oil in your hand than what’s sinking into their paw pads.

Bad breath

A simple and cheap trick to rid your dog of stinky breath is to give them parsley. The antimicrobial effects of parsley can help with the odor. Simply tear some into pieces and add to their food or mince and add into homemade treats.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. We hope these tips can help you keep your furry friend in good health while straying away from medications and chemicals! Your dog will thank you for the extra attention, lack of vet visits, and of course any remedy that doubles as a yummy snack.


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