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The Passion of Medicine by Jack Adam Weber



(inspired by a statement from L. P. Jacks)

By:  Jack Adam Weber


Who is healed

Through the art of wholehearted living

Draws no sharp distinction

Between his labor and his leisure,

His soul and his affairs,

His health and his illness,

His medicine and his muse.

He hardly knows which is which.

He simply listens to become a conduit

For non-action through whatever

He loves to do and loves him in return,

Leaving a trail of beauty for others

To determine if he is working or relaxing,

Creating or praying, choosing or being chosen.

To himself, he seems to always doing both.


About Jack Adam Weber:

Jack Adam Weber is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, author, organic farmer, celebrated poet, and activist for Earth-centered spirituality. He integrates poetry, ancient wisdom, holistic medicine, and depth psychology into passionate presentations for personal fulfillment as a path to planetary transformation. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website

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