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Resistance and Possibilities by John English


Resistance and Possibilities


You should never resist a challenge because there is so much benefit not to do so!


And, you should pay close attention to any resistance that swells up within you.


Now there are many ways you might have become creative in developing resistance. Such as, avoidance behaviors, being defensive and stubbornness, to name a few.


The reason you should pay attention to anything you resist is because resistance is directly related to your growth in personal power.


Let me explain.


Most often it takes more power than is currently available to break through any resistance. Consider a chick breaking through the shell of an egg.


At first the chick doesn’t have near the strength and power to break through to freedom and more growth. It must find, gather and use that power to break out of it’s shell.


How do you find the personal power within necessary to break through your challenges?


First, by determining if this challenge is going to yield any growth for you as a human being. There’s no sense in taking on a challenge that doesn’t have benefit for you when you can save time by going around it. 🙂


An example of a challenge that isn’t going to yield any growth for you is fighting someone else’s battles for them. If you stop to ponder these battles, you’ll notice you don’t have any inner resistance to these.


Personal Power

Here’s a couple of big keys to your growth in personal power.


The power you need to break through will naturally come as you confront and take on the challenge. This is the way power works.


The more resistance you have to the challenge, the greater the yield in personal power. The resistance is an indicator that you’re going to have to connect to, and use levels of power you weren’t even aware you had.


I often tell my students in our Medicine Wheel program, “Once you really get this, you will turn directly into your resistance and run head first into the challenge!”


Ask yourself, what am I resisting in my life right now? Where do I have the greatest amount of resistance?


Then assess the challenge and see if it’s going yield strength and power for you. Why? Because you deserve more strength and personal power. It’s the process of LIFE.


If the yield is good get busy breaking through before you recreate the same challenge again. 🙂


John English



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