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Gaining NDE Insights Through Past Life Recall


From HHNews’ Publisher Trina Becksted

It was a pleasure interviewing Ann C. Barham earlier this month. Her work as a past life regressionist was intriguing to me. Perhaps is was idea of emotional healing taking place MUCH faster than with traditional talk therapy. Using her methods we can understand more fully who we are and what drives us.

Ann shared she had foot problems in this life now and gained a greater understanding on her condition once she was regressed. She learned that in a past life she was an Asian woman and as was the custom, her feet were bound to keep them small and dainty. She rebelled against this confinement and her diminished freedom at that lifetime. She eventually ended her life due to the pain and dishonor she caused her family.

There is a very large spiritual component to her work. People gain a better appreciation and understanding of themselves when they get this glimpse of the other side and what they experienced in their past lives. Many must have a near death experience in order to gain this valuable insight. Read on as this new author explains more about her work and new book.


Gaining NDE Insights through Past Life Recall

by Ann C. Barham
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Past Life Therapist


There’s a current fascination with the concept of Near Death Experiences, or NDEs as they’re referred to in popular culture. There’s even a television show called “Proof,” in which a respected heart surgeon who has survived her own NDE is involved in research to scientifically prove the existence of an afterlife. Intriguing as this may be, very few of us would truly invite the trauma of a life-threatening illness or a near-fatal accident in order to gain the access to the transformative insights and contact with the eternal that most NDE survivors report. What’s an average person to do?

Fortunately, in my many years guiding clients through their past life memories, I’ve discovered that just about anyone can touch eternity in similar — albeit less dramatic — ways as going through an NDE. Traditionally past life therapy has been used to solve problems in the client’s current life that have been resistant to more conventional approaches. We seek out the origin of the problem or issue in a prior life experience, where unresolved feelings and unfinished business have been unconsciously carried forward into the current life. This is based on the understanding that we are eternal beings who are expressing on the physical plane in a series of human lifetimes. These prior life experiences can be at the base of a myriad of situations: from a thorny relationship dynamic, to enduring emotional issues like depression or phobias, to unexplained physical symptoms.

But the impact of past life work extends far beyond the problem solving benefits of relieving these symptoms. More than anything, past life therapy is an adventure into the spiritual aspects of our existence. Untangling our human-life conundrums gives us an opportunity to touch a deeper level of being. The idea that we are more than our current physical bodies goes beyond a mere intellectual understanding, as clients in session learn this in a profound, experiential way. They are seeing life through the eyes of a former self, experiencing the thoughts and emotions of that personality, going through that person’s life events. And all of this is coming from their own memories.

A key component of past life work is to identify the individuals that played important roles in the prior life. Very often we find these same people in our current lifetimes as well. They too are in different bodies and personalities this time around, but the connections are still there. Clients are able to experience how the threads of connection that bind us to loved one transcend time and space. The pain of losing a loved one is mitigated by the understanding that it is only a temporary separation on the current physical plain, and that we are indeed eternally connected.

After working through the key events of a prior lifetime, clients are taken through their death. They realize that their awareness is ongoing, beyond death of the physical body. Once again, this is no longer just a concept, it is experienced. Typically clients find themselves in a place that is profoundly peaceful, reassuring, filled with feelings of joy and divine love. Many clients report this space as so blissful they never want to leave it. This is very reminiscent to the experiences reported by NDE survivors.

As we continue to work within that non-physical space after death, clients are usually able to access degrees of higher wisdom that are difficult to access on their own – even for master meditators. By calling in a wise person or guide, we can gain insights and information that can either help address personal life concerns, or it may be pieces of spiritual wisdom that are applicable to everyone. A hallmark of NDEs is that access to higher knowledge that survivors report. In past life work, we get a taste of this.

Truly understanding that we are eternal beings, expressing in different bodies and personalities across the ages, greatly enriches our experience of life. It expands our vision of life and what it means be human. It enhances our understanding of our purpose here on the planet. And for many people it eliminates our fear of death. Knowing that we have been with loved ones before, and will be with them again, richly magnifies our relationships and demonstrates the chains of love and connection that cannot be broken. By accessing memories of our prior lifetimes, we are able to reap many of the benefits of an NDE without the near death trauma. For more information see www.pastlives.org

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